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The New Security Foundation was established to promote a wider understanding of the nature of the new international security environment and its implications for civil society.

The Foundation has two main objectives. The first is to conduct research into emerging security issues and to produce information and analysis. The second is to provide an international forum for debate and discussion about the nature of modern security.

A network of experts with a background in academia, government, intelligence, the armed forces, the emergency services and business enables the New Security Foundation to draw on an international pool of expertise, providing an unparalleled breadth and depth of insight into emerging defence and security issues.


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ICWE are specialists in the field of organising international educational events on all aspects of education and training, each the leading international gathering in the respective field. These cater to organisations, institutions, and individuals who are interested in acquiring or disseminating information, developing business, and fostering international partnerships. ICWE owns a very comprehensive contact and resource database within all sectors of education and training on a worldwide level. It actively engages in projects that involve PR, dissemination, research, and surveys. More information on ICWE can be found at



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